Why Choose A Responsive Business Website design?

There was a time when people used to open a shrunken version of desktop site on a smartphone and that was not a good experience at all.

Since then Google meditate and change the entire search engine algorithm, which is now working as one of the important factor in a website on Google ranking. It explains clearly, why a responsive design is crucial in today’s IT world. Google defines a website user friendly, if it has the following features:

  • Easily readable text without
  • Sufficient base for clicking
  • A vertical scroll on right side.
  • No horizontal scrawling button.

The number of smartphone users crossed 2 billion in 2016, which means more than 60% of online searches comes from mobile users. Think for a moment, if your website is not optimized for all screens as a result your existing ranking will fall downwards. Therefore, it is mandatory to structure a website that leaves a good impression on users and it can be accessed from multiple devices without creating a separate app.

The Number Of Mobile Users Continuously Growing Every Year
Let’s discuss it in a depth: what is Mobile responsiveness and why it is important?
What is a responsive business website?

A responsive web design RWD, is a kind of smart technology that is able to read the device and automatically adjust the size of website accordingly, with single URL and contents source. Hence a need of separate mobile app is eliminated. Because,  it offers optimize browsing experience on all devices like laptop, tablet and mobile phone screen. To build different website for different devices could be really messy, especially when there are too many electronic devices. It completely makes a sense, why responsive web design is trending these days.

“Responsive web design offers us a way forward, finally allowing us to design for the ebb and flow of things.” Ethan Marcotte

So we can say in our words that, responsive website is not just an option it’s a requirement.

In The Online Market Businesses Largely Relies On Their Website ‘Business Face’
Perks of responsive design

Among numerous benefits, one advantage that a responsive website serves is that, people owing different devices will be able to access, leaving out best user experience. It also helps in reflecting the only needed content in front of the user. That will save end user precious time.

After the Google algorithm change, a responsive website visibility increases in the searches because it’s more user friendly than rest of the websites, offering product and services similar to yours. Hence, Google will list it on the top order and recommends it to the end user.

Importance of responsive design for businesses

It said that Google account 5.7 billion searches conducted daily on different devices. After knowing this, you will definitely fight hard to be found in these searches. And this is only possible, if your website is fully responsive and able to target maximum online audience. It will automatically increase conversion rate as well as decrease the time and cost of content management. It’s also worth to know that only 44% out of 500 companies are still lacking user friendly website.

For this purpose you can conduct a Google Mobile responsive test almost for free. You simply enter a page URL and receive a statistical score.

How to own a responsive website

If you are running a business and require a website then you have to find out the best website design company nearby, such as the web design company Dubai. Actually, they are offering lower prices and more features then their competitors. For example, you will get a free domain, SEO optimized content as well as fully responsive website without mentioning to them. Furthermore, you can acquire their after sale assistance anytime when needed. Once you use their services, you will definitely fell in love with them and also sign a contract for digital marketing service.

Website testing by user

A user is king and therefore the information gathered, how users interact with your website worth’s a lot. Therefore, investing in something to create optimal experience for them, will generate results in long term.

There are plenty tools available from which you can collect useful feedback, such a Peek or usertesting.Com.

Website testing by browser

To uncover the fact about a website responsiveness try to test it on various devices. You will be surprised to see result that comes from one operating system to the next.

Inspiration from famous responsive designs

You can take notion from your favorite responsive website design by asking few simple questions:

  • Remember the website that you most frequently use on your laptop and mobile phone.
  • Ask yourself why you prefer the website over websites providing similar services.
  • Figure out your experience with the website on your mobile phone.
  • What is the most appealing feature of the website that you will like to add to your own website?

Finding answer to these questions will help you a lot in structuring your website that will be optimized as well as user friendly.


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