Top Most Tormenting Technology Trends Of 2017 and The Future

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Technology is evolving every second, and therefore it won’t be wrong to say that nothing is constant in this domain. Every day new trends invade in and throw aside the current application. Do you think there’s an end to this? Obviously not! Innovation is penetrating every field like fire. And, if you know about the big data and AI domains, you can acknowledge the latest leading edge advances that accompany it. It simply indicates there may come days when you can’t easily accept the advances. The upcoming technology trends, AI artificial intelligence and few of the possibilities that may sound a bit worrying as step into the future years are discussed here. Check them out!

Cyborgs, Machines, Robots and AI is Going to Replace Human Beings

We might have seen these in some Hollywood movies, but it isn’t just fiction anymore. It has started the journey. The manufacturing sector is already seeing the migration from human beings to robots and automation technology. It is a matter of concern that gradually robots and AI may affect all the industries as it is more affordable compared to manpower. As per surveys, nearly 35 to 50 percent of jobs existing today are expected to be overtaken by automation. All the domains, be it repetitive kind of type jobs, diagnostics, or even customer support services, might be eliminated from their jobs.Consequently, only high-fi type of jobs will be left out which will require great skills and intelligence. And, there won’t be many of that level.

worrying expression- AI Fear

Technology Might Expand Revolution And Cause Inconvenience To Old Fashioned

For sure the advances in medical technology, specifically in the field of robotics and gene-technology etc. is going to impact human life in positive way by expanding the life span. This may seem to be a remarkable achievement but in the long run is going to affect the economy and put great pressure on the limited resources we have. It might result in creating immense need for more funds and facilities to support more life.

old vs new technology, fashion

Internet of Things, Control of Big Data & Our Lives in the Hands of Elites

With the advancement of technology, there emerges an unavoidable risk of giving rise to digital feudalism, i.e. only a few technology elites will be able to control the lives of others by having control over significant big data and information. Consider a simple example when you would be required to do everything such as buying food or drive your car only after verifying your digital signature. And, if unfortunately that signature does not match with your specimen signature, then?

relationships in a networked ecosystem
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Rise of Capitalism

Technological advance is surely going to be a challenge to capitalism. The consequences of increasing robotics and finished products in the market compared to the rising unemployment of people will create a notable gap in the economy. This will in turn be the cause for capitalism in the world.

Using Data in Negative Way

Have you heard about the billions of Yahoo accounts that were compromised along with subtle personal data in 2013? Also, every other day, hackers are heard of hacking bank accounts and entering into secured zones and causing huge mishaps and loss to mankind and their assets. Sensitive data if not secured properly may turn to be dangerous threat.

So what do you think? How can human being be able to tackle these challenges? I feel that the first thing we should take care of is our privacy data. And, serious steps must be taken to address issues like joblessness and changing economics. Technology can be a precious gift and also turn out to be vivacious.

Smart baba is the digital marketing agency in UAE sharing the thoughts about the future technology trends, are your feelings haphazard with the technology impression on how could it replace jobs, resources and get its hand on our privacy in the technology regime? You can share your thoughts for realising the hitches and harm to the shifting finances industry.

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