Top IT trends for 2017

New technology products are changing at blazing speed and it goes in and out of trend at the speed of light. Blink your eyes and it’s gone. There are constantly transforming upgrades and developments in new technology 2017 and the scenario is changing every year. There is a requirement to be staying up to date with current technology trends and digital trends every year. The businesses also need to stay up to date with the latest technology trends in business to uncover true potentials of the latest market. To reach greater levels in businesses, enterprises must upgrade their skills and have knowledge about latest trends in technology to flourish in the market. Let us explore some top IT trends of the year 2017 which will leave behind 2016 technology and can bring revolution in the upcoming months:

Data and metadata controlling and ownership are new technology 2017
Data and metadata controlling and ownership are new technology 2017

This year will focus on controlling data and metadata as they are the main components which help the businesses to get precise insights about consumers and their behavior. These insights give them a clear vision about the company’s position in the market. Businesses which are online are thriving due to high digital proficiency and the main thing which makes them stand out, are their constant check on customer insights and services. The main focus of digital businesses is tracking the clients throughout the world with valuable insights. Metadata is highly valuable as you can identify particular behavior patterns and crunching data on the other hand helps you in analyzing business intellect and take wise decisions. This is why businesses want to keep their metadata in control and protected and do not want anyone to access it. Enterprises also want to operate the analytics themselves and want to own data, metadata and analytics. As data and metadata are the latest driving forces of the businesses, they require a strategy to keep them safe and have clear access to. IT trends 2017 will foresee the power of data and metadata and a new model will be developed to ensure that data is completely controlled by businesses. More and more businesses will learn how to originate insights from metadata and data and make top notch decisions for their company’s benefit.

It’s time to say goodbye to centralized transactional models in IT trends 2017

Several online businesses have centralized corporations who control a group of partakers and take commissions in turn for providing them business, such models are going to be interrupted in 2017 and will be overtaken by peer-to-peer platforms. This platform is spreading in every sector and is eradicating forgery. Centralized transactional models are being disrupted by non-centralized transactional models and the commissions are being cut down. Peer-to-peer models have no middle man eating up their hard earned money and it connects the service provider and consumer directly. This type of model will come into force in 2017 as per the latest technology trends and several businesses will change due to this and centralized transactional model will be uprooted slowly.

Automation will become must for all businesses according to latest technology trends
Automation will become must for all businesses according to latest technology trends

Automation or digitalization, which was earlier significant only to the IT or app developers, now will be required by all businesses at every level. Automation is the basic requirement and the foundation of all organizations and to face the competitive modern world, there is an immense requirement to embrace automation. It is no more confined to the IT department and firms need to digitize their operations, which include automatic testing, constant improvements and nonstop delivery. You are sure to win in the competitive race if you give automation to your existing business and follow recent trends in information technology.

IT will be hybrid as per emerging technology trends

In today’s world you need a combination of cloud based technology as well as on premise software and the cloud technology could be sourced from several cloud providers. Hybrid IT technology is very different from simple IT network and requires special skills. Employees with the co-operative mindset are required and they need to work on multi ecosystems. Hybrid IT is going to gain popularity in the coming months as per the emerging technology trends and companies will require skilled professionals who can manage complex multi-party ecosystems.


Knowledge about latest technology helps unlock new roads leading to success and if the companies want to continue with their success journey in 2017, they need to adopt the latest trends and gain new heights. If we compare latest trends in information technology with digital trends 2015 or 2016 technology trends we will find a drastic difference.

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