I found SEO Dead in Google search

From the very beginning of SEO, people thought that soon it will be dead. It was in their mind that, soon marketing industry will ask Google, is SEO Dead? And upon confirmation declaring it deceased. Beside this, there are live articles that claim digital promotion is replaced by social media, paid search and web design. But, the reality tells us that, SEO is invincible even in a nuclear apocalypse, it simply can’t die. Not unless Google dies, this seems not happening in the near future.

Indeed, all these three; social media, paid search and web design are all incredibly imported, especially for big giant like Ali Baba that rely on a big scale campaigns and global reputation. For example, from Amazon prospective, they will prefer to splurge budget on holiday commercials instead paying to rank number one in Google search. But for small and medium size businesses like Dubai Web design Company, who are unable to shower money on mere holiday commercials. SEO is the only affordable option left, not only to survive in digital competition but also to increase traffic and lead generation. So, never give up easily.


Why there is wide spread rumor about SEO?

Maybe digital marketers are mistakenly right about this. Because, when you research SEO, you will figure out that it looks totally different then what it appeared to look when it was launched for the first time. In fact, it changes a lot as a result of change in Google algorithm to make search results more precise.

Initially, when people became familiar with search engine optimization, they stuffed website full of keywords with repeated phrases in ugly way. It was really messy and hard for Google to rank a website on such inferences.



Google is much more advanced now and if someone tries to use the older SEO technique. The website will be penalized and brought down in the ranking.

So what is the legitimate way to SEO?

The only thing that will help is, unique content on your website to target Specific crowd with carefully chosen keywords. Let dissect this part:

  • Unique content:

Beware of cheap freelancers, who offer content writing on low price compared to market price. That clearly indicates it’s not yours. Google can easily track the content from where it was copied and it could end up harming your ranking. For this purpose use ‘Plagiarism Checker‘ to make sure, the content present on your site is completely your property.

  • Meaningful content:

If, your content is meaningful enough, to meet the need of internet search engines and contains useful information relevant to the search query entered. Then search engines will definitely take your content into account and it will be visible to the readers.

  • Specific keyword use:

This is an old topic, which means using particular researched keywords instead of pounding tons of keywords, even if they are integrated into the content. Focus on one or two keywords and your ranking will elevate dramatically, in the search results.

  • Planned keywords:

Yes, there is no escaping from it. Hence, keyword should be researched well before putting them in your content. Otherwise, how would you know that Dubai web design company is searched more than SEO agency. There are numerous keyword planning tools available in the market that helps in finding out the volume of purchase against a particular word.


Some other important aspects of SEO 2018

Nobody can challenge the importance of content marketing from SEO perspective. If, you are working hard to create fascinating blogs with rich keywords that satisfies curiosity of readers, without considering other key elements define by Google, it will not help much.

  • On page SEO:

On page SEO is way different from SEO through content writing. Because, it is all about what you have on your existing website pages. This includes fixing URLs, links, site speed, images compression, coding and everything that can have a direct impact on your ranking.

  • Back linking:

It means redirecting customers from social platforms and blogging platforms to your landing page by creating backlinks chain. If, you have quality stuff on the landing page of your website, you can quickly convert the customers into successful prospects.

  • Web Design:

Just imagine for a moment, if someone searches for web design Dubai and finds your website on the top of the list. They click on it without thinking for a second and then they are moved to your website. But, if they experience slow loading, cluttered, not responsive, deprived content and difficult to read texts, they are likely to bounce back. A good and fully responsive web design is key to conversion and also helpful in achieving higher ranking.



To know more about Responsive Web Design read this:


Are you thinking to invest in SEO?

An appropriate answer to this question will be: Only a good SEO team will be able to dig inside your website and make assessment in terms of SEO. Every business website is unique and made to target unique audience. However, before reaching SEO agency try to research about the cost. And make sure you get a plan that is tailored to meet your business needs. The best way to optimize your website, can be learned from the existing competitor websites.

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  1. SEO is definitely not dead and it’s the only way to rank higher. Using a great SEO strategy will definitely help you to rank high and grow your business.

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