Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Web Designing

If you are asked to design a website then keep in mind, creating a professional website design is not an easy task to achieve. Being creative is not enough to have a best website design as it requires time, efforts, strong experience and good understanding of best design practices that are already in the market. Therefore, website designers are needed the most and they have highly paid job opportunities in web design and development companies all over the world.

Best approach adopted by various website design company providers is to be aware of business rivals and competitors. In the same way, best practice is to observe design and writing pattern, minor and major details of your competitor’s website like how they created web, how they structured it and how they making progress. Research and analysis must be done first as only then you will be able to to see what competitors are doing and what of work of them is making progress. Hence, you can learn a lot from your business rivals.

Designing Tips To Get From Competitors

Following are some of the elements you should not ignore from competitor’s’ website design:


Homepage is the first page of a website that a visitor see while navigating to a website from a web search engine. It contains products that company want to display in a specific way and in a particular manner. Arranged and appealing homepage attracts viewers and visitors. Proper positioning of elements such as info graphics, texts may compel visitors to dig deeper and/or  to return again.

Critically observing competitor’s home or main page and findings like similarities, differences and best practice they adopted may help you to have a better web design.


Layout is another important element of web design that requires full attention of web designers. It can influence the reaction and action of visitors so it should be good as badly created layout creates a worst impact on viewer and visitors.

When you visit your competitor’s website, overall experience must be noted critically. Since its about a business website, clean and clutter-free elements allows visitors to see main elements of the site easily and quickly.

Color Scheme

Selecting color variation is a critical task to perform because it must be done considering targeted audience. Colors neither be penetrating nor dull to eyes. It should be attractive, nice and appealing to visitors.

There is a need to take a closer look to how competitors used color variations for their website. Like are the colors too bright or too dark? Is color scheme consistent for all their online and offline assets particularly logos, website design and all of their social accounts and blogs? After complete analysis, start working on it like a professional website company.

Social Media Accounts

To attract new customers and to expand your business, social media connectivity is very important. Latest design practices involves having social media buttons on a website that can easily connects visitors with their social accounts like twitter, facebook, pinterest, instagram etc. E-commerce website designs and custom website designs that are available on Internet, always have social media buttons included.

While visiting a competitor’s website, take a note of how they are they connected to their social accounts? Do they have social media account buttons on their website? How are they updating them? Visitors are curious to use all elements of your website so they tend to click on them so as to check out and if they find it interesting, they will engage else they return again.

powerful social media platforms

Mobile Friendly

Since its 2017, so mobile friendly or responsive site is always on-demand. People tend to use Internet more on handheld devices like tablets, iPhones and android phones as compared to laptops and computer systems.

To get more leads and to convert them into paying customers, implementing a responsive design must be a first step towards mobile-friendliness. So when you visit your competitor’s website and you find them with a non-mobile ready website then you have to go in opposite direction in order to fulfill the needs of your visitors and to adhere to the best practices set by Google.


To attract and to compel targeted audience to navigate more pages of a website requires a quality content. Right blending of content with web design is just another part of web design plan & process and that should not be ignored. If the job is done rightly then it may serve as a guide to your audience about where to go, where to click and what your business is all about.

Always keep an eye on your competitor’s website and if you find their site content more carefully written and organized then see how you can apply same techniques in order to give your audience compelling and reader-friendly content.


The web design or layout of your website should not have too much or too little navigation elements which makes user experience either difficult or confusing. The design of your website should always be aimed at getting the interest of visitors.

When you visit your competitor’s website, take a note of how the layout, navigation and user experience techniques they have used. Having clear and easy to understand navigation allows user to navigate more pages without annoying them.

Features(not needed)

To create better user experience, website features are essentials as they helps a lot in improving digital footprint, and boosting brand engagement.

When you visit your competitor’s website then you may find various unnecessary or not needed features as well like animation, flash images, videos and music that may attract your visitors but on the other hand, they clutter websites and also drag loading time which creates bad user experience.


Websites looks more professional and attractive to users if graphics are used appropriately. Site without images looks boring and dull. Best approach to sell your products and services is to use right images on your website as if your images are boring and there are only texts without any correspondence to that image? Then user would love to return again as compare to navigate more.

Designer must be aimed at getting the interest of visitors. So while visiting competitor’s website, compare graphics and if they have used something new, creative or interesting to user experience then see how it is done.

Blog engagement and involvement

To gain more traffic over your website and to make it reachable to maximum people like SEO, blogging is one of the best approach to be used in recent times. It is a great platform to deliver more and right information to your target audience. Sharing information and then getting people involved by making them commenting and sharing it on social networks helps to spread the word about business.

According to Smart Baba Digital Marketing Agency Dubai, nobody’s perfect in this world but there is always something you can learn from others. To be on a right track and on the right path of success and progress in IT industry, you must be aware of your business rivals and competitors. So considering your business rivals or competitors as your biggest enemy will not benefit you anymore as they can be your best teachers as well.


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