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Website Maintenance Services Company UAE

Unlimited Small Jobs

Get unlimited support and small 30 minute jobs completed whenever they are needed. Fast daily response times.

Automated Site Backups

We automatically backup your website to our cloud storage every day so you will never lose any data again.

SEO Recommendations

We can provide an indepth analysis of your website and make appropriate SEO recommendations.

updates & Website maintenance in Dubai

As smartbaba is popular in the web development and designing in Dubai, for its unmatched services. Currently, informed consumers are talented to rapidly search for your website and the digital online presence to evaluate your reliability and whether your reputation and business are praiseworthy of their money and time.

Your website can drop transformations and conversions with an old, broken and outdated website. All the websites that maintain trends and technology updates are meant to perform, increase sales, business, and new leads. Smartbaba maintains your website so that you can focus on increasing and manage your business while your website back up your business with new sales and leads.

How your website team is like your Best Teacher? Maintenance and administration

As similarly as your teacher who helps you in grooming your personality, in growing your future, your website maintenance team plays the similar part to back up, increase, uplift your business to stay shoulder to shoulder on the digital platforms. This could be the toughest job to raise, evaluate, and build a strategy to compete on the web.

Here's How We Can Help

Website Staging
Website Staging

SmartBaba can help you set up a staging site to test, revise, or update without risking the functionality of your live site.

Data Migrations
Data Migrations

Your data can be migrated to one of SmartBaba's trusted hosts without you lifting a finger!

Professional Help
Professional Help

The SmartBaba team is here to assist you with any and all WordPress guidance, advice, and answers you may need.

Offsite Backups
Offsite Backups

We provide nightly offsite backups of your database and file system so you never have to fret about losing your data.

Custom Development
Custom Development

We provide access to the SmartBaba team's collective half century of expertise and experience.

Security Monitoring
Security Monitoring

We monitor that your websites will be safe & secure with 24/7 monitoring and cleanup so your websites will be secured from of malware.

Website Maintenance Company in UAE

Once a web site is formed it needs to be planned web maintenance to aim maximum competence. At smartbaba, we serve the precise and perfect web solution for any business that is not certain how much website maintenance assistance and backup they would need. We develop and maintain your website and then we target its upkeep plan to keep it up and running, we offer maintenance packages to best fit your ongoing web technology essentials. As a matter of fact, our website care plans and packages are never on the hold, delayed or paused even in the out of the office working hours because we have managed to sustain our achievements, targets, and goals by backing up with our night shift experts who are covering and working on various projects.

Our website update services include regular checkup weekly, monthly, scans and checkups. It includes

  • Evaluation of Meta tags and keywords on the search engines,
  • Visual redesign and upgrading
  • Content copyrights, content management, news, updates
  • Code maintenance, upgrades, for website malfunctions
  • Managing your domain expiry dates,
  • renewals, hosting maintenance
  • Scanning and periodically security checks
  • Upgrading theme, responsive design,
  • HTML, CSS Validation update
  • Gallery update, blog update