Search Engine Marketing SEM company Dubai, UAE


Search engine marketing includes SEO which balances and regulates and publishes content that includes link juice to gain advanced ranking in search engine results. It also includes major search engines, (PPC) pay per click campaigns listening.

We focus on Keyword research and analysis for all our clients and target each keyword for landing pages so that when optimized the specific page it can be shown as a result of marketing on all major search engines.

Our experts evaluate your website capacity and fame on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex, and spread, generate your back link with logical trends. We carefully implement the instructions when it comes to marketing specified by Google webmaster guidelines, our core mission is to how your website is found on Google which is the Fundamental for marketing measured with Google Insights. We submit your business, name, brand, and location by submitting your business profiles on all major well-known local classifieds, directories, forum discussion, questions, and answers.


Our team is oriented around direct marketing principles, positioning us to meet or exceed your SEM goals, whether it’s an ROI target, a cost-per-acquisition goal or to maximize revenue or activity against a fixed budget amount.


We ensure that your traffic is being optimized post-click, with rigorous champion-challenger landing-page testing.


e manage all facets of your SEM campaigns to achieve your goals, including keyword development, ad copy creation and testing, bid management, landing page development and optimization, competitor analysis and more.


Extend your acquisition efforts globally with our SEM teams located all over the world, marketing to more than 100 countries in 25 languages across all major and regional search engines.


We employ the most sophisticated bid management tools on the market, enabling us to deploy a customized combination of portfolio and rules-based optimization techniques, search engine marketing solutions and manual oversight from our experts.


We provide a comprehensive set of reports that’s uniquely tailored to fit your needs.


SEM covers the range of multiple juggling, variety of activities revolving around your business website which day by day becomes more visible when searched over the search engine. When your clients are searching or products and services on these major search engines we make sure it appears notoriously on the top of them.

Our main objective is to cross-link, advertise, list, submit, and include your business on every single online search partner. Smartbaba is Dubai’s Leading Agency with Proven Methodology that Increase Leads & Sales through Digital Stratagem, SEM & SEO, Social Media, and Web & App Development.

Our SEM agency individuals work on digitized advertising campaigns to online marketing paid marketing, our professionally accomplished are grounded on trusted and finest perform. At our SEM agency, we acknowledge the solid grasp if digital marketing approach which is central to lasting success and traffic. We can help you refine your brand-driven marketing loop which will involve consumers grow your business. Our highly focused area for the drive traffic your business needs revolves around.