What SEO Changes To Expect In 2017

Search engine optimization is the one and only thing that has been ruling the Internet. No matter how good your business idea may be, if SEO ranking of your website is not good, then you won’t be able to disperse your unique business idea to the public at large. Creating a website and sharing your business ideas will be of no use if someone else, a person with a better Website SEO than you, might end up using your idea to boost their business.

There are various marketing agencies that provide their customers with latest SEO services that help in boosting one’s google ranking.

Looking over the trend of Local SEO that is continuously changing with the passage of time, Google is continuously making drastic changes in its algorithms which is keeping even the SEO expert on their toes.

Looking back at the trend of Google SEO, the following new trend is expected to be followed in the year 2017 :


Using keywords was a trend back then and still is a burning trend now. The only thing that has changed over a period of time is that keywords to be used now has to be user friendly. There are many keyword Planner tools for SEO optimization like Google PageSpeed Insights, keyword planner, keywordtool.io and many others that can help you in the SEO Business.

Content Rich Material

Users today look for specified and personalized content. It is therefore necessary to generate unique and information rich content which would attract the user to your website.

Graphical Content

Gone are those days when people would love to read a content full of text and no image. Users nowadays are more interested in infographics and videos. Information compact content of 1000-2000 words accompanied by 1-2 image usually attracts more readers.

Website Loading time

Another important trend currently going and is expected to be high in 2017 is to decrease the time of website loading. Readers generally switch over those websites which takes longer time to load. Remember, people today are more impatient than ever.

Voice Search

This is something that all website optimization agencies are focusing on and it is considered to be the next big thing in the tech world. It would be beneficiary for every website owner to customize their website and make it accessible on mobile phones and other portable electronic gadgets and focus on voice search feature because its considered hazel free and time saving by most of the people.

With the changing trend, it has become necessary for every website owner to think according to the user. It would not be wrong to say that User Experience Optimization(UEO) is the new Search Engine Optimization(SEO). With such user focused optimizations being trending in the market, it has become necessary for every website owner to make proper strategies and implement them along with various SEO Optimization tools for better and big results. SEO Tools would help only if you are well updated with the latest trends of the tech world as only then you would be able to deliver the exact and precise information which the user seeks.

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