How to self start SEO of a website

Search Engine Optimization is not advertising, but it plays a vital role in your Google ranking of a website. It is much more time consuming as well as requires huge budget as compared to paid advertising. You can assign SEO job to an agency or you can do it yourself.

  1. Do a keyword research

If you are familiar with Search Engine Optimization then, probably you may also know keyword. A keyword is a term that is widely used to search a specific product or service on your favorite search engine.  Therefore, you will require a lot of research to SEO your website for the type of services or products you are selling online. It will also help you in finding out demand of your product.

There are number of Keyword tools, that enable you to pick up the most frequently searched keyword on web browser. Google Webmaster provides similar services almost for free of charge. The Pete keyword planners include SEMRUSH, WORLD TRACKER and BUZZSUMO and plenty more.

  1. Look for potential competitor

During your research of Keyword, you will find out numerous websites offering similar services and products in your region. You can learn too many things from your competitor like carefully going through their advertisement campaign. Look for the type of keywords they use to sell a particular kind of product in the market as well as you will be able to figure out their ranking on Google and other things like:

  • What is missing on their website?
  • What kind of blog theme they are using?
  • How they have structured entire website including pages URL?
  • Is there landing page more engaging and able to convert prospects?

You should also study the reviews and benchmark on their social platforms, to learn what their customer think of their services and products. These are the weak points from which you can take maximum advantage.

  1. Plan your website structure

Once you have understood the need and demand of a product or service and collected required type of keywords list. The next thing you should do is formulate pages structure accordingly.

Write down all the pages for the type of product and services you are offering, on a plane paper before finalizing the website structure. Similarly, use most relevant keywords for a specific product and service.

Your Website Structure Matters The Most

It is good idea, to use both long tail and normal keywords. The long tail keywords drive fewer searches and typically much longer and more specific – such as, web Design Company Dubai or Web Design Company.

  1. Website Optimization process

Once you have finalized your website structure, then comes the difficult part, which includes development of all pages for which you have to approach a web design agency like SmartBaba or you can outsource the work on platforms like UPWORK and FIVERR.

Your website should be a fully responsive, that is; it can be accessed on all types of modern devices like smartphones and Tablets. A mobile friendly website is important in two aspects. According to Google, more than half of searches comes from smartphones. Therefore make sure, your website contains engaging content and includes high quality images. Secondly Google ranks all organic searches, whether it’s from desktop browser or mobile device based on the site experience including its speed.

To acquire fast download speed on browser, you have to use compressed content such as images and videos.

  1. Upload content regularly

If your business is other than publishing, then common sense says that you cannot turn your business into a publishing company. It is unnatural for an E-Commerce site. However you should focus on publishing content on your website more often. To achieve your weekly or monthly updates target, you can simply take help from SEO agency or outsource your work to a digital marketing service provider nearby. Consistency is the key to success, remember.

Your content does not need to be necessarily in the form of text. For example, if you are running an architecture company, you could publish photographs of your projects with short descriptions. Content publishing online, that is tailored according to targeted audience habits, should be the goal.

  1. Utilize your Public Relationship

One another important Search Engine Optimization process is known as back linking. However, there are sources from where you can divert traffic to your website through legal back linking channel. But you can also purchase back linking via tool that is known as link authority. Problem is, it will be considered as illegitimate by Google, Bing and other search engines. You may also get penalized for breaking the rules. Use Public Relationship ‘PR’ to promote your website instead of getting your hands dirty.

Google appreciates the effort of site owners, who built compelling websites that users visit over and over and also referred to friends through link sharing on different mediums like WhatsApp and Facebook. If your website has huge amount of content to increase public attention, it well most likely get more links ethically.

  1. Social media network importance

One of the most prominent way to promote your website, is done by creating back links and audience on popular social media network like Face Book, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. There is a great potential audience that you can convert into prospects by engaging with them and creating long term relationship. Your product and services will be viewed, discussed and shared that will impact on your SEO.

Power Of Social Media Can Be Concluded From The Number Of Its Users
  1. Apply Google Analytics

No matter how good your website structure is and how much content you upload or the amount of money you spent to promote your website. All this can become useless in case, these activities are not properly monitored. In other words, you cannot optimize website without measuring its performance.

Therefore you should not only integrate Google Analytics into your website, to check weekly or monthly SEO reports but also learn to properly use it. You can buy a course, to understand the complete features and use of Google Analytics.

  1. Keep yourself updated

Google is a big giant and always try to introduce advance techniques to analyze online businesses and rank them accordingly. Therefore, you need to learn modern trends that require a lot of self study and research, to keep yourself updated about the upcoming technology.

  1. Get Assistance

If you get stuck and requires further help to overcome the problem you are facing, search for SEO communities and take opinion from an expert. Google Webmaster forum is one of the largest SEO communities on the web, from where you can acquire lot of assistant.

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