Hazardous Cyber Security Mistakes We All Are Making

Even though many cyber attacks have taken place recently, internet users are still carefree about network security. Old habits are difficult to amend and internet users are sticking to their old unsafe passwords or non-updated softwares. Cyber users are leaving open voids for a security breach by cyber criminals, which help in thriving of the malware market. Let us know about common cyber mistakes made by Internet users, which is hazardous to secure data storage and how they can protect their assets online:

Have strong passwords

Although systems should be designed in such a way that cyber criminals should not be able to break the security. It is important to have a strong and unique password, which cannot be hacked easily. You can also register in password management websites for enhanced cyber security. It is important not to use same passwords for many online accounts like Gmail, Facebook or Twitter. In case your one account has been hacked, the attacker can use the same password to hack another account also.

Update your devices and software regularly

Many businesses and internet users do not upgrade their programs, software or even Windows, timely, due to which they don’t get the required security, useful for data leakage prevention.

Don’t be carefree about security

People usually believe that data breaching cannot happen easily and they are quite safe from it, but the truth is that you will realize that you have been attacked only when the virus becomes elevated. It is very difficult to identify cyber attacks and they can elongate without being noticed. Your data can be damaged slowly and harm your online assets. In order to save you from these attacks, security systems must be set up to uncover the attacks and to warn accordingly. Initially, the attack is identified by a minute glitch in the system and is managed by the IT team to avoid it. Monitor your system continuously to detect information breach and analyze your devices constantly to keep it secure.

Don’t let too many devices access vulnerable data

In case your data theft has taken place, it is crucial to start the process of detecting information that has been compromised. Usually, businesses have complex networks with many devices accessing vulnerable data. It is crucial to keep a track of devices accessing data every day and vulnerability management should be done as once the attacker hacks your system, he might get into the whole network.

Don’t leave the whole work to IT team, work as a whole team

People depend only on the IT team to detect the cyber attack and to secure the business, while it requires combined efforts of the organization as a whole to notice variances in the network and take steps to enhance network security.

Are you missing the backup plan

Businesses do not have a backup plan to block unauthorized entrée, jamming malware, shutting down servers or ports, change passwords, filter firewalls or take other security measures. It only takes few hours to set up a backup plan and then you may save your business from cyber attacks.

Your cloud is insecure, non-trustable and vulnerable

Cyber users usually do not pay attention to cloud computing security issues. There are several issues affecting cloud computing like trust, privacy or integrity. Is cloud storage safe? This totally depends on the type of cloud you are using and its reputation and reliability in the market.


Cloud computing must be completely trustable so that companies get reliability and security in the system. The model of the cloud must be elected in such a manner that data is under company’s complete control. The organization should own the infrastructure and security policy must be designed in a manner that cyber security problems are reduced.

Identifying possible threats:

Cloud computing is vulnerable to cyber security threats and assessing these risks is very important. Software, hardware and secure data storage is a must in a cloud.

Privacy and confidentiality issues:

Since a cloud comprises of many parties, applications, and devices, there is an upsurge in point of access that may lead to a leakage of private data. A vulnerability scanner can be handled by attainment of data confidentiality in the cloud through user authentication.

Not paying attention to network security

Cyber users do not pay attention to network threats as they can lead to risks of data hacking. It is very important to effectively include measures of protecting computers from network security threats. Many types of network security are required, like the physical security of hardware, perimeter security like firewall, continuous monitoring etc. it is crucial to keep your devices safe from network threats.


According to Smart Baba, it is vital for companies to know what IT security is. Its tools and operations can help the businesses to overcome many crucial security issues. Information security or IT security are strategies designed to detect and prevent threats to online or offline data. They help you in preserving the business data and securing the sensitive information from cyber criminals. To avoid the above-stated mistakes in breaching our cyber security, we must follow certain preventive measures and be safe on the vast online network.

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