The Future of Robots and Artificial Intelligence in Asia

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence today is the next generation technology after computers, mobiles or tablets. In today’s contemporary world, everything is digital and cloud based and this cloud is evolving into an intelligent cloud. Presently, all the data collected is directed into central cloud, but the future foresees a different vision of artificial intelligence which will be everywhere. Artificial intelligence or the intelligence edge is the bridge between the virtual and real world and with its creation; the future will have almost all devices implanted with AI. This new era infused with AI will be able to read and grasp all the things around us like what a person is doing, making, learning, working or playing. AI will comprehend how an individual is living in the real world and today’s economy, populace and lifestyle in Asia is ready to adopt artificial intelligence.

Latest in AI

As per AI news the youths of Asia from China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore think that AI technology is going to play a vital role in their future lives and it will impact their lives in an effectual manner. Artificial intelligence future possibilities are very bright and it can be visualized through robot cars, future robot social companions, and AI robots to enhance production. AI future technology can also assist in becoming more constructive and help individuals in augmenting overall physical and mental health. Latest developments in artificial technology can be assessed by the fact that about 200 researchers in Asia are infusing AI technology in several products like office, windows, Xbox, Bing and Skype. Skype translator is a major achievement, which helps you in communicating with contacts who speak different languages. Microsoft PowerPoint translator is also infused with features which translate your voice in a different language as subtitles. Development of artificial intelligence in computers has brought a revolution and translator in MS PowerPoint even translates language on devices of audiences. This is going to help in solving the language problems worldwide and global business can achieve new heights.

Latest Technology in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence in the future is going to develop to new levels with Microsoft working in India to develop application for farmers, which uses Cortana intelligence suite, data analytics, Power BI and machine learning to analyze soil and weather information and guides the farmers on what to plant at what time through text messages. Super intelligence of AI lead to 30 percent improved production in the crops and farmers gained a lot from it. AI technology in the future is setting up to help Asian industries and construction sites safe by infusing cameras with to monitor the sites and warn about abnormalities leading to mishaps.

Future Computer Technology

AI technology is still developing but future AI will be found everywhere from cars, homes, offices, industries, kitchens or on roads and we all will work together to yield enhanced outcomes. Artificial intelligence latest developments might make some people worried about machines ruling lives of men s seen in movies or read in sci-fi books but in reality it won’t happen that way.


According to Smart Baba Digital Marketing Agency if dealt in right manner, the future of AI is promising and will help in progress of the world by making it safer and sound with enhanced productivity, better technology and safer workplaces for the people of Asia.

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