Commence Freelancing Without Any Experience

Which one do you prefer a job or freelancing?

Doing any job remotely is known as freelancing. Freelancing industry has reached at peak level due to higher demand by companies as well as individuals. From 2008 to 2011, 12% growth was reported in the freelancing sector. Some of the popular Freelance platforms are continuously enjoying growth; like Upwork and fiverr. Around 200,000 jobs were created alone on Upwork in 2012 and this figure grew up to 300000 by the end of 2013.

The reason of consistent growth in the number of freelancers is that now they are provided more flexible work schedules. A study report tells us that 90% percent of the freelancers are happier now than they were before. Furthermore, they were less vulnerable to the changing economic turn. The good part of the story is that, around 77% freelancers were satisfied with their business prospect over the last couple of months.

Freelancing has become a very alluring job and therefore you should also give it some serious consideration for extra income. At same time a question will rise in your mind that how and from where to take a start. Let me tell you that; commencing freelancing is easier than what you may think – Follow the below steps for right guidance:


  1. Build strong resume

There isn’t such a thing that cannot be outsourced today. From data entry to inbound phone calls everything is outsourced to small firms in the underdeveloped countries. To be contracted you need to build strong resume online on freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr and Freelance, by putting multiple skills.



You just need little motivation and appropriate direction. You can simply think out of the box through brainstorming for a while. There are already hundred thousand freelancers carrying single skill. Therefore, your secondary skill will give you an edge over them and get a chance to be hired quickly. For example, if you are a strong content writer and your typing speed is good enough then you are also eligible for data entry.

Don’t be afraid to start freelancing because you lack necessary skill. All you need is little research and get enrolled in online course. You need to put a little faith in yourself.


  1. Brand yourself

If, you want a quick success and didn’t want to miss an opportunity, to earn from freelancing. You need to brand your product and services or whatever you are offering. A strong brand is like a blind faith in someone product and services. Your brand represents your business identity and therefore it should communicate your message clearly on your website. For example, Dubai web design company’ Smartbaba’ expert in web designing and SEO Services.


And don’t forget to highlight the key skills that make you unique in the industry. For example, if you are an SEO agency and you have a large network of beneficiaries including government organizations then you should highlight their names along with the numbers on website as well as social accounts. Carrying out such specialty will intrigue only relevant clients and give you a great chance of success.


  1. Create A Portfolio


Many clients are usually not concerned with your qualification; they simply want to go through your past accomplishments and then decide whether your skills are in accordance with their requirement or not?

Therefore, if you are well versed in your field and you can easily demonstrate your skills through strong portfolio and positive client’s testimonials; you have a greater opportunity of success.



Most of freelancers react to this by adding a smallest and least remunerative job; instead of benefiting they put themselves into a vicious cycle of bargain work. Therefore, to attract big clients you need to showcase that you are more valuable by doing a fine work.


As a beginner, you can get internship at large companies quite easily without getting paid. The free work at this stage will benefit you lately by communicating your worth to future clients. Similarly, you can offer free service as a freelancer after garnering sufficient experience, to clients on the freelancing medium. Now, you will not feel any pressure to deliver a requested service.


  1. Start pitching

You should seek clients with a verifiable Payment Record. Otherwise you will move in a To Fro motion like a pendulum. Once, the payment record is verified; research about the client business commencement date. This will help you not to get trapped in the hands of fraudulent company, if the business exists for a long period.


Now, you should focus on pitching relevant clients by narrowing your search. It will not only save your precious time but also help you to be taken seriously by the clients. Your branding and portfolio along with testimonials are sufficient to answer their questions related to your skills. Unless, you own a company; mentioning comprehensive skills will damage your reputation.


You don’t have to completely rely on freelancing mediums. Instead, fetch a full time job and work as freelancer in part time to make more money.  This way, you will never become defaulter and not afraid of losing a job. Your job experience will further polish your skills and that will indirectly benefit you in freelancing as well. In same way, once you have sufficient clients on freelancing medium, you will never fear getting unemployed.

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