5 Skills will let you make more money at home than at EU/UK/US

Back in 2002 I was in Cabernet (Pvt) Ltd. Working as Network Engineer in vampire shift. In those days there were no cloud solutions and ISP (Internet Services Providers) had their networks in house and a team of Network Engineers used to manage that network in shifts and operations were like always 24/7.

These Network Engineers or shift engineers used to take customer calls too in their 8 hours shift and help the customers to connect to their ISP via legacy modems and Internet dialer applications. I was lucky I was hired when the team had good seniors and I learned a lot. Sooner the seniors started leaving one by one as technology revolution started and traditional PRI circuits were replaced by BRI (ISDN) later companies started DSL (Digital Subscriber lines) and the game changed completely.

I left that job too because the company was going under a debt and sometimes salaries were delayed. Mobile Communication was expensive so only way to talk or communicate with my ex-team was emails or messengers if by luck I get a chance to some good speed internet cafe. A year later I came to know that 90% of the team mates were abroad and moved outside of the country to get better jobs and make quality living away from their home. I took a trip to UAE too but sooner I realized that living a third class life in first class country has no comparison with living a first class life in third class country.

So I came back as a failed individual but started thinking and tried to extract the lesson out of my mistakes. I found that I was in the wrong field. I had a degree in computer sciences any my major subjects were programming and I was constantly running away from it. To correct my mistakes I started learning programming and then the journey started and after several low level jobs than different mid-level I ended up becoming a Project Manager at my current firm SmartBABA.

From all the experience above I learned that there are still some skills which can save the hustle of going abroad to try the luck and make money and one can make the same amount of money from internet while sitting at home or working from home country. I am feeling thrilled to share them;

Blogging / Content Writing

Wait WHAT!!, Can Writing some words really pay? OH Yes it does. Believe good content writers who have experience and know how to deliver and what to deliver and how to create viral and engaging contents not only make good money, they make more money than then the folks who create those blogs.

Business Developers

That terms is already pretty heard in terms of traditional businesses but in IT, a business developer is not just someone from ordinary sales and marketing team. It is a designation which is responsible for creating the trend and let the company policies and decisions move in a direction where potential business exists.


Oh Boy! These guys makes more money than anyone and literally they sell their words to companies just like chartered accountants or financial advisers. SEO is the key to get organic business from the internet search engines and in the current era, every huge portal is doing one thing in common collecting user data, creating their profile based on their browsing history and browsing habits and then send them only those ads which could potentially be their interest and they buy hence converting the ad to lead and make money. Although it is not part of SEO but when SEO folks bring website in top search ranking against the business keyword, the site starts getting leads from search engine itself and hence the profit increases.

Web Designing / Development

If we take a look at Developer Survey 2017 by Stack overflow we can see web developers are still on top in designation. Every day thousands of new companies, stores , business are registered in different parts of world and who intend to have an internet presence and get business online or get potential leads for their products from internet so they need a website with a pretty design hence both website designers and developers comes into the game. As per Salary.com the average monthly salary of a web designer is $.72, 140/- per year.

Mobile App Development

Candy Crush, Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, Angry Birds, Careem I am sorry I can’t count all the apps on my mobile. Mobile application development is one the most demanding skill in the market right now. Companies who have pre-running business on internet want their users to interact with the system by mobiles or new businesses want to start with mobile interface to give user an easy access, app developer are always in need. And per 2016 Salary Survey Mobile Application Developers are the highest paid employees in IT sector making an average of $. 104, 833/- per year.

With skills like these I am sure you don’t have to go abroad or leave your country as Internet has made this entire world a global village. I hope this research can help you find a better career path.


Malik Mudassar
Malik is a part time Blogger, full time Project Manager at SmartBaba and he has a passion of sharing everything he learns from Internet. Malik is also active at Stackoverflow, Github and couple of other technology related platforms.
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  1. Well written Article, I agree that SEO guys can make more money than the other IT professionals but it require lots of efforts and patience.

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